Teens has been a fun and interesting experience so far.


There are many opportunities for fellowship among other Christians around my age group so I have been able to form a good many relationships with other teenagers within my time of attendance.


Ben, the youth leader has played a very apparent role in expanding what used to be a small group of people of around five to maybe ten teenagers to almost hitting twenty just a few weeks ago, of course this number does not sound impressive, but many my age barely leave their rooms.


So to me while Fusion has much to grow on in the future, we are growing more and more each time we meet and you can see the change that has taken place to bring us all together.


The games played range from being very creative and interesting and can be funny to watch, to very simplistic and fun. For instance one week we could play dodge ball or capture the flag, and the next we are blind folded on the ground trying to eat donuts, we cant ever be sure what to expect. But the lessons, while short, I feel is the most important part of it all. We aren't challenged much, but we usually leave learning a little bit about ourselves and the obstacles we will face in this important stage of our life to further ourselves as individuals in our walk with Christ.


Mason Sproul, February 2018

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