We are living in a day when Christianity is often times not the only choice, but rather one of many choices for people to consider and it is becoming more and more obvious by the direction our society is going. God has long been removed from our classrooms, the Ten Commandments are being removed from courtrooms and school grounds and money not morals seems to be the prevailing thought of our elections.
As I think about it all and take it in, I ponder and ask where have we gone wrong? I wonder if we, the church in general, have failed to proclaim and teach that more important that wanting morals and wanting the Ten Commandments publicly displayed is the necessity to live them out in our daily lives. Don't get me wrong I am all for displaying the commandments and proclaiming the need for morals, but without actually putting those things into practice we have really not gained anything other than symbols of religion that have no life, meaning or value.
As we approach our World Outreach Conference in just one week may we not just talk about reaching the World for Christ but rather live it out in our daily lives by sharing Christ with the lost and financially giving to missions so that we can help others go to places that God has not called us to go.
God help us to live out what we believe on paper.

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