It is amazing what motivates us as humans, for children during Bible School it is the simple motivation of the boys wanting to out do the girls or vice versa or a trip to the "mystery room" motivates them to bring a visitor. This month as we are having the Red and Blue contest it is amazing how giving out points to a team, seeing someone get their tie cut or the chance to get a free meal can motivate us. Truth is we all need a little extra push or the dangling of a carrot in front of us to get us moving. But perhaps the greatest motivation we can put before us is knowing that souls will have the opportunity to hear and believe by faith the gospel of Jesus Christ. God also motivates us as believers by letting us know there are eternal rewards in heaven. Paul makes it clear in I Cor 3 that we will be rewarded for our work if it makes it through the fire that will try it to see what sort it is. There are also crowns that will be given and the opportunity to reign with Him if we are willing to suffer with Him right now.
So as we go through life being motivated by some of the simplest things may we not lose sight of the eternal rewards that the Lord puts before us and let them motivate us to serve Him faithfully.

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